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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2005/08/12Digital Reality has opened their new website. Let's check out the fresh news about their upcoming developments.
2005/08/12Invictus as well as Stormregion is attracting the venturesome by offernig jobs at the development studios.
2005/08/06HC Gamer had published an interview in which the editors inquire the section of Stormregion who is working on Rush for Berlin. We can take hold of some interesting pieces of information as well as some exclusive screenshots. I would like to take this opportunity to draw everyone's attention to the preloaded website of the game.
2005/08/05It has been a while since we last heard about Brainfactor. The developers held a few presentations here and there and produced for foreign order some motioncap wonders but for gamers they began to fade into the fog. Although they have produced "minor" titles such as TortugaBay or Witchcraft, these products made to the shelves for only a few stores unfortunatelly. After their last development they hit it hard and started the development of WordofChaos which was going under total seclusion. Nothing was leaking from behind the curtain. I was beginning to lose hope to see the game when for my inquiry a message came that I should undoubtly see some results soon. Well it came in the form of a video trailer presenting the game. It is a must have for role-playing game lovers!
2005/08/04It had been confirmed that Blackhole Games has won the rights to Warhammer. We can only congratulate to the guys for being able to get a grip on a brand like that. The game is as far in development that it runs. There will be a lot of work with it though still.
2005/08/03The long-awaited patch for Cross Racing Championnship 2005 has arrived and it contains new maps and game modes. It is more appealing to download patches this way for sure. The product is available via Invictus Live!
2005/08/02It has become certain that Codename: Panzers - Phase Two will feature hungarian dubbing produced by famous actors such as András Stohl, Gábor Reviczky or Zolee Döglégy. The first epizode of the game did not come with a hungarian language site but the second will be presented in such language.
2005/07/18The first Terminator 3: War of The Machines mod addressing maps is under development. Thee_immortal_one had informed us that he is currently working on the first user created map of the game. Hopefully we will see some of his development.
2005/07/17A bigger trailer video of Army Racer had been published and the demo version of the game can be downloaded as wll.
2005/07/10The section of the fourth epizode of Ancient Games of Nations under the title The Lost Sword of Toledo had been opened on the game's website.
2005/07/09Jimbo not that long ago had told us that although the exam periods had slowed down the development of the Terminator 3: War of The Machines map editor they are to continue working on it with even more enthusiasm. Since they were not completely neglecting the project in the meantime it is about to get finished and as soon as it will be reliable they will share it with us along with some maps.
2005/07/08You could set your swiss watch to Stormregion. The demo version of CondenamePanzers - Phase Two is here.
2005/07/08Do you remember Terminator 3: War of The Machines made by Clevers' Games? Real fans of the title will know that the development of the game went through many small tumbler to have become what it had become. Not so true fans will always remember the title as one of the biggest disappointments in gaming. Since then Celvers' Games had been silent as grave and the only pieces of news coming through were that they are looking for programmer and designer experts in first person shooters. Time to time we have been given some screenshots about their future development but finally yesterday they cleared all rumours by publishing a technical video of their engine. I think after watching the video everyone will forget about the past and will eagerly wait for what the future brings. The guys had proven that Terminator 3: War of The Machines was not up to them.
2005/07/07Gamer's Hell had put up a new video about Armies of Exigo to download. It is a bit late since the game had been published a year ago but it is no reason not to promote the game still.
2005/07/06I am happy to announce a new hungarian development. 576Media known for Road to Fame and Army Racer is now going into a new direction with the game about the adventures of Captain Zoox and Pingy still addressing younger players or ones looking for an accommodating way of fun.
2005/07/05The on-line gaming server of Nexus: The Jupiter Incident had collapsed and hence needed to be moved to a new address. Since the game also features a fix address gaming server for on-line gaming that is supposed to be always functional gamers will need to download a patch for the game to update the address of the server.
2005/07/04Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars from Mithis Games had been postponed to September.
2005/07/03If one has not yet found these images in the infinate universe of the internet then this wormhole here is right for one leading the traveller to the appropriate galaxy. How much I wish if Digital Reality had led us into the galaxy the same way with their next game. It seems though that the developers found their new stream in ground war games. As a proof should stand these images newly published from Moscow to Berlin. The game is not to be mistaken with Rush for Berlin another hungarian development.
2005/07/02Finally the hungarian circuit of Army Racer had been revealed. On the updated website of the game you will find other pieces of news freshly added. There is also a trailer video for the hungarian market.
2005/06/26The town of Eger had called for a tender to process the history of the town in a computer game. You can find names like HydroGames or PrivateMoon Studios among the applicants. Read the tender dossiers and cast your vote according to your taste.

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