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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2005/09/20ASK Homework in association with eGames, nVidia and Iridion Interactive had brought to gamers a decade of pinball games. Now there is a time and desire to change streamline. But before all that happens ASK Homework is ready to bring you the ultimate pinball game, the most grandiose pinball game there ever was waving a farewell to the genre and thanking all our fans and players for chosing our titles. We would also like to address PC, XBox and Nintendo DS owners with the release of this game. We would address all aspects of a pinball game and raise it two levels higher. We'll put everything in this left inside us.

Why is it worth changing your old slot machine to Dream Pinball you ask?

Simply because Dream Pinball
- offers a challange featuring 4 levels of difficulty enjoyable for all ages. Young, old, amateur and proffesionals can also find delight in this title. The game will have probably the easiest as well as the most difficult gameplay levels ever introduced to a pinball game.
- features multi-layer 3D sound effects maybe never ever seen in a pinball game.
- provides 15 different themes and multi-level tables, which means that a table is devided into separate sections giving the player the feeling as if s/he was playing on multiple tables at the same time.
- comes with a real-time physics engine almost naturally from ASK Homework, except ever overtuned and advanced from previous titles.
- thanks to its fabulous physics engine can surprise the player with 10 different material balls such as steel, wood, stone, paper spitball, etc... each having a dirt effect. The more you play a ball, the dingier it gets.
- is invested with a never before seen crash engine that means when kicking the machine too much it will break in different ways including cracking and tearing glass covers. :)
- can be played from 6 different pre-set camera views that can be increased to infinity with the brand new tool, the view adjuster. You can set and save your own views simply navigating the camera.
- revolutionises the pinball multiplayer mode including fun for up to four players on the same or different tables in network or on split screen supporting ladders.
- makes all this in the new DirectX9 environment calling to power such effects as HDRI, Motion Blur, Depth of Field, Bloom or Particle Simulation with the aid of which we can draw smoking tables bursting out in fire, sparkling metal balls or blinding shine of steel surfaces. But ofcourse not to exclude anyone from the fun the graphics engine can be keyed low to run on lower configurations.

With one word because we supply pinball head over heals, turned inside out showing you one of the most ancient representative of all times' amusementarcade.

Game development is in final touches and we are currently looking for publishers for this product.
2005/09/19The Codename: Panzers - Phase One encyclopedia had been updated with wings.
2005/09/17The hungarian section of the GlassFish Games website had been launched. Not all pieces of information had been already uploaded but for sure the missing pieces will be complemented.
2005/09/16Syntax Entertainment had cancelled their project named Critical War - Secret Creatures of World War II . There is no reason to panic though since they in the same time had announced their new development, Killer Machine 3 using the Killer Engine 3.
2005/09/14Have you ever wondered how it would feel to chase birds, flying leaves, squirrels or maybe even your opponents in the wild with a buggy rolling on four wheels? Buggy: Make, Ride, Win! offers nothing else but this on the highest level and with the most diverse way of fun.
When we say feel we mean to experience the stunning graphics brought to you by our engine developed for this very game capable to display 12 vehicles on the screen bouncing on the bumps of a racetrack built up from 200,000 polygons.
When we say in the wild we mean to wade through the grass or water, to kick up the dust, mud or forest litter, the wind and opponent vehicle components brushing your hair as you tear them off while leaving your skidmark on the way in and out.
When we say rolling on four wheels, we mean to drive our four-wheel physics engine through the hills and valleys of nature with different terrains such as grassland, cliffs, sand dunes or to control it on the track with several road types such as gravel, mud, sand choosing your own tyres providing a numberless way of driving experience.
Game features a single-player mode campaign as well as over 10 different multi-player mode competition from Circuit Race through Return The Flag to Soccer for up to 8 players. Game would track scores inside the room providing a room ladder with a built-in score exporter for other on-line ladders.
There are over 8 different detailed vehicles made up of 10000 polygons. Each having a cock-pit view with fully set up interior.
And if that would not be enough already, the game comes with a map editor having the easiest to use interface. Build your map displayed real-time with the game engine raising and lowering terrain by a mouse-click. Paint terrain with a brush and place ponds, lakes by dragging your mouse. Hundreds of obstacles and various vegetation to choose from.
Make the world, ride the wheels, win the run!
The Buggy project is back. After one year of halt ASK Homework is bringing the grasshoppers alive.
2005/09/11The Stormregion website had revived and we can read fresh pieces of news in a completely new setting. One fresh straigh from the oven is that the new 1.05 patch for Codename: Panzers - Phase Two had arrived online after the german release. Also the whole music score of the game is available for download. For further details please visit the game's website.
2005/09/08Ffodderr of the Terminator 3: War of The Machines Forum reports that there is the first user-created map ready for community alpha test. I'm sure many of us had been waiting for this to happen.
The map is based on Digital Terrain Elevation (DEM) maps of Mount St. Helens and the surrounding area. The map is at a proof-of-concept level. It is map number 12 in the scheme-of-things and is named "Helens". For further details on the project either visit the appropriate Yahoo Group or ask your questions here in the forum!
2005/09/06Játékfejlesztés had announced that Flying Range II- Long Way Home space simulation game, developed by RPI Games, had been completed. The background story is that in the year 2026 the Lowis And Clark battleship is constructed on Earth and supplied with the first spacerocket. During the test flight the ship and its crew get lost in the galaxy. You will be the master of the ship and it will be in your hands to navigate it back home. The shareware version, in which gameplay will be restricted to 20 minutes, will be available through the webpage of RPI Games.
2005/09/06There is once more a mediadumping from Rush for Berlin that means new screenshots and a video edited for Game Convention. Besides you can read an interview in hungarian with the representative of Stormregion.
2005/09/05A patch had been released for Codename: Panzers - Phase One that makes the game compatible with 64 bit operating systems. The DVD version does not require you to download the patch.
2005/09/04Although I have not seen news nor affirming nor confuting this, Army Racer being developed by 576Media is probably available in stores by now according to previously published release dates.
2005/08/27Sándor Lázár had left us for a better world. For the players he left as a reminiscence his whole work including his hungarian dubing performance in S.W.I.N.E. and Codename: Panzers - Phase Two. We front what sadly came to pass, wish he may rest in peace and send our sincere condolences to everyone who knew or loved him!
2005/08/26Even longer time ago, but never told here a story says that there are new screenshots from Rush for Berlin.
2005/08/26It has been a while now, but I haven't announced the fact that there has been new screenshots published from War Front: Turning Point.
2005/08/26Stormregion had announced a screenshot competition for Codename: Panzers - Phase Two. For details please visit the official website of the game where you can find a guide to the map editor as well!
2005/08/23I have the enchanting opportunity to present a new hungarian development studio and its development, Way of Crime from VIVO Games Entertainment. The developers are putting together a driving game about the crime on the streets of Budapest with a decent background story. They don't promise us complete realism concerning the display of the city but for sure we will be able to recognize the capital of Hungary.
2005/08/22World Forces: War on Terror from Digital Reality is scheduled for first quarter of 2006.
2005/08/19There is a piece of news that is circulating on the internet nowadays and there are as many interpretations of it as many pages had been writing about it so I will announce one more interpretation. According to the sources Stormregion had signed a contract with 10Tacle Studios AG about the publishing of a game entitled Codename: Panzers 2 scheduled for 2008. Some make the bad assumption to identify the game with Codename: Panzers - Phase Two although one should recognize that Phase Two is really Codename: Panzers 1 - Phase Two and the earlier is called Codename: Panzers 2 being a completely different development and rather the fourth epizode after the trilogy with a new publisher. The game will not be set in World War 2 though. Jumping to a conclusion that the game is Phase Two is not valid also since Phase Two is already available in Hungary and scheduling the international release for 2008 would be an illogical step.
2005/08/19New screenshots are available from Rush for Berlin on Gamekapocs. Let's hope that gameplay will reflect the wonderful graphics and the game will provide an excellent entertainment. The website of the game is currently not available and the webpage of Stormregion is still under construction.
2005/08/16Yesterday Codename: Panzers - Phase Two had been published in Hungary.

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