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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2006/01/07Let's hit the road again! Not long after the sharing of S.W.I.N.E. over the internet Stormregion had published the 1.9 version patch to all language versions of the game with the aid of which we are able to play network games with players owning a copy of the game downloaded from the internet.
2005/12/29The 1.2 version of '48 is available for download. This is no patch but the complete install version of the game. HydroGames had announced that it has changed its name to Huszár Games. The new title fits better to their profile. Soon their new game will be available as well. We can also take a look at the first images of Pro Libertate on the game's new website.
2005/12/29A video had been released from Digital Reality's new mascot, World Forces: War on Terror.
2005/12/29Let's start to make up arrears of news. Since 20, December the english version of S.W.I.N.E. is available for download from Stormregion. We'd like to thank for the Christmas surprise! The game had been shared with the public on the fourth anniversary of its presence in the gaming world.
2005/12/14Unfortunatelly I have to break the baffling Christmas silence with a not so celebrating piece of news. The Magyar Hírlap, a major representative of hungarian press reports about the inconvenience that Stormregion had to suffer.

"According to the suspicion of the police, the company's ex employees could have stolen the development module that they had published a new game with."

It was this year's spring when the demo version of a new game had been enclosed with a magazine that did not bear a frightening resemblance with the Gepárd engine only according to Lajos Góczi, one of Stormregion's owners, but now also according to the police and forensic technicians. They have determined a Ft 65 million ($ 300,000) disadvantage at Stormregion's expense. This had been assessed according to the fee of a single developed game but according to Stormregion the total loss is about Ft 500 million ($ 2.3 million), which is the total value of the engine. This amount is greater than the one year income of Stormregion.
2005/12/02New images were released from Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. The game of BlackHole Games planned to be released in 2006 had overcome some minor tuning well recognisable on the pictures although the raphics engine was claimed to be ready at the time of last revelations.
2005/11/18Fresh images were published from Digital Reality's under-development project, World Forces: War on Terror.
2005/11/18The 1.06 patch for Codename: Panzers - Phase Two had arrived. The patch contains the co-operative mode for the single player maps and some additional multiplayer maps beside the numerous bug fixes.
2005/11/07And to take a look at another piece of news from Mithis Games in the not so distant past some images were released from Battlestations: Midway.
2005/11/07Creature Conflict - The Clan Wars developed by Mithis Games is out in stores.
2005/10/20I knew I was forgetting something in yesterday's update! The name of the top secret Clevers Games development is born and the first pieces of information were revealed. According to expectations Paradox will be an FPS. The story is to take place from present days back to the Second World War.
2005/10/19Still not in the far past some additional, exclusive screenshots were published on the pages of GameStar from the new game of BlackHole Entertainment, the Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. Now one can visit the homepage of the developers as well if one would like to read about the project.
2005/10/19Stormregion had opened the modification section of the Codename: Panzers series. Players wanting to try their creativity can find all things required to make auxhiliary equipment and add-on maps. They can come to exchange thoughts about the undergoing projects as well.
2005/10/19Despite of all other claims, Army Racer, the new game developed by 576Media had been published in recent days.
2005/10/13Better late then never. A smaller platoon of images from Rush for Berlin had lodged GameStar.
2005/10/07Not so long ago the first screenshots were published of Warhammer: Mark of Chaos being developed by BlackHole Entertainment. Hours later the first video had arrived as well and we did not have to wait long for this video to become available in a better quality.
2005/09/24This week the second scene of the Codename: Panzers - Phase Two demonstartion play had came out. The minor 550 megabyte piece takes some time to sieze even with broadband connection. This version had only been available in the appendices of german written media but now CDV and Stormregion made it available through download.
2005/09/22Yesterday, right after I uploaded the news about the new screenshots from War Front: Turning Point, a video trailer had been published showing the rolling demo running on an exposition. As well expected from Digital Reality, the graphics is stunning and it is a really exciting experience to see the images we've got so far from them in movement. The game is to be expected in 2006.
2005/09/22"Digital Reality and CDV Software Entertainment AG are proud to announce their cooperation on a Next Generation Strategy title!"

The CDV Software Entertainment AG, one of Europe's leader PC Game publishers and Digital Reality development studio based in Hungary announce to launch a joint console-project. The goal of the association is to create games with thrilling game-play and stunning graphics for the next generation consoles.

This claim seems to exciting because Stormregion, who were in a good relationship with CDV Entertainment, just recently switched publishers saying CDV is close to going bankrupt. One thig is for sure. Somebody is mistaken in this matter.
2005/09/21New screenshots had been published from War Front: Turning Point, the new game from Digital Reality. The images are quiet small in resolution but everything is visible and they reflect a really decent mood.

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