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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2006/04/10Things seem to outline around the scandal of Mithis Games. It seems that the studio cannot continue working in this troubled state. Their games currently being under development will be published, such as Battlestations: Midway and Joint Task Force. The company will continue to operate under the quiet ironic name of Most Wanted Entertainment as a devision of HD Interactive. There are no news about the legal decisions and the tribunal finding crime or imposing sanctions of any kind.
2006/04/09On the columns of Hardwired we can read a larger evaluation of War on Terror. The game got a mean-strong result. Do not miss to check out the 57 images in the gallery.
2006/04/08Pro Libertate being developed by Huszár Games had arrived. The game is available for download for free from the Sulinet site thanks to the Ministry of Education.
2006/04/05Thanks to 576Online, we can take a look at some new images from the hope of Stormregion, Rush for Berlin.
2006/04/03Pro Libertate! arrives on Thursday. The newest creation of Huszár Games will be available for download for free thanks to the Ministry of Education.
2006/04/02There is no stop for War Front: Turning Point rolling towards release. Day by day we get new screenshots from the game. Both Hardwired and PC Dome own exclusive images. Besides, the description of the first heroe unit was released. You can find the non-hungarian version of the description on the appropriate section of the website of the game.
2006/04/01Some images were published with in-game graphics that would make excellent background images from Rush for Berlin. The ones interested in the game will not be disappointed.
2006/03/24Digital Reality had announced their newest development, Field Operations, or Field Ops for short. Beside they have announced another development that is to ensure the good name of the developers in a completely different genre. About the under-development projects, the number of which reached 4 now, we can find more information on Digital Reality's brand new website.
2006/03/15On the website of 576Online we can find a really poetic narrative about a visit paid to Digital Reality and about one of their newest games, World Forces: War on Terror. It is time to take a look at the game's website as well.
2006/03/14It seems as if this week is to be devoted to Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, being developed by BlackHole Entertainment. GameSpot has published an article about the game with bigger volume of respiration. We can find new screenshots and a video showing some ingame action which had been let free to go in recent days.
2006/03/08Digital Reality and CDV had agreed upon the co-operation between each other about the development of games for the nextGen consoles. Now they had enthroned their covenant by the vivifiction of WHIZ Entertainment, a development studio devoted to the very cause.
2006/03/06The official website of War Front: Turning Point had been launched. From the game, being developed by Digital Reality, there is a video presented to show the atmoshphere of an airfight. On the website we can find an immense load of information to our interest.
2006/03/01We can find the newest under development project of Glassfish Games on their website. The game is titled Budget Worx and takes the player to a chaotic film studio.
2006/02/28Digital Reality is offering jobs for all the volunteers who feel some affinity towards joining their team. The road is now open to one of Hungary's most noted development studio.
2006/02/27The english demo version of Digital Reality's World Forces: War on Terror had been published.
2006/02/26The website of Nagual Pictures had been redesigned. Their references had been structured in a better way and it is easier to navigate through the pages.
2006/02/18The final version of the Rush for Berlin website had been opened. Also there are two new videos that had been released lately from the game.
2006/02/15It seems that the next episode of Ancient Games of Nations, The Lost Sword of Toledo will arrive in March or April. In the meantime Private Moon Studios is working on an other adventure game as well, Yoomurjak's Ring. This game will be an interactive movie.
2006/01/24Let's take a sneak preview into the War Front: Turning Point video!
2006/01/07We can take a look at some new images from Rush for Berlin.

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