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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2006/05/21We can watch a silentfilm of BlackHole Games' new development, Warhammer 40,000: Mark of Chaos. In case we are interested in more than the pure visual experience we should go and visit the new, official website of the game.
2006/05/18Let's stay around Digital Reality! The E3 video of War Front: Turning Point had marched into collective consciousness.
2006/05/17Digital Reality is on fire. HC Gamer is sharing a short discourse about War on Terror. Unfortunatelly just like the previous one, it is available only in hungarian.
2006/05/16You can read a short discourse, packed with screenshots, about War Front: Turning Point on SuperGamez.
2006/05/13Pro Libertate, being developed by Huszár Games will be available in English under the title, For Liberty. You can read further about the game on the pages of Battlefront.
2006/05/13A video was released from the Moscow to Berlin, the child of Monte Cristo Games and Digital Reality.
2006/05/13Thanks to Stormregion we can take a look at a smaller serie of images presenting the graphics engine of Rush for Berlin.
2006/05/13A few images were produced from Battlestations: Midway. Although the pictures are taken from the XBox version of the game it is worth checking them out since it will be published for PC as well. Don't forget to visit the new, official website of the game either.
2006/05/13A new video was released from Digital Reality's War Front: Turning Point.
2006/04/30The Panther from War Front: Turning Point introduces itself as well in a short unit animation.
2006/04/29Battlestations: Midway will be created for XBox 360 as well. Following the footsteps of Digital Reality and Stormregion, the Eidos Studios Hungary, who is the successor of Mithis Games, based in Budapest, is moving towards the next generation consoles.
2006/04/28PC Dome has published an article on War on Terror before the game has came out.
2006/04/28Digital Reality's War on Terror is on the shelves of the stores.
2006/04/26Stormregion is stepping onto the road of nextGen consoles. Along with 10Tancle they are working on their new game, Codename: Panzers 2. In the same time, the Phase Three mark from the website of the original title was removed. It seems there will be no trilogy of Codename: Panzers.
2006/04/25The E3 Expo cannot spare hungarian participants either. Under the sky of Freeze Interactive France, Field Ops, the new creation of Digital Reality, will be placed on the stand. Another hope of the development studio will represent oneself as well on the booth of CDV Software. This hope is called War Front: Turning Point who will be present for the second time on the expo. So far it seems that Digital Reality is the only hungarian development studio to be on E3.
2006/04/23The T34 and the shield generator from War Front: Turning Point introduces themselves in a short unit animation.
2006/04/21We should take a step forward. Let's take a look at some dazzling images of Digital Reality's new game, still being in the state of development, War Front: Turning Point. Wonderful explosions, lighting effects and units created for the most little details characterise them.
2006/04/19The official hungarian website of Rush for Berlin was launched.
2006/04/14Let's take a sneak view on some images from Rush for Berlin that were published some time ago!
2006/04/11We needn't wait long for the first patch to come along for Pro Libertate! The patch corrects an incompatibility bug between the game and the operating system using fonts.

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