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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2006/06/11Of course 576Online cannot fall behind competitors. They have put together an article on Digital Reality as well.
2006/06/11Hardwaired had written a really large, three-page-long article colored with some exclusive images about the recent works of Digital Reality. It is worth reading it as you can find out many interesting things from it.
2006/06/08Rush for Berlin is released.
2006/06/07You can order Rush for Berlin from 576Online. Of course this means the hungarian version of the game that is not yet out on the shelves.
2006/06/06Some screenshots were released from Moscow to Berlin as well that uses the engine developed by Digital Reality.
2006/06/06The gameplay video of Joint Task Force that was presented on the E3 is not as fresh and new but still worth checking out.
2006/06/03The office of Stormregion was rushed by 576Online. There is a longer report that you can find along with some photos taken on the event on the website of 576Online.
2006/06/03There are dozens of images revealed from Joint Task Force.
2006/06/02Rush for Berlin has gone gold. The game is already available abroad on the shelves of stores. We still need to wait a cople of days for the release but in exchange we will have the opportunity to grab an issue with hungarian dubing. There are actors like Tibor Kristóf and Armand Kautzky lending their voices to the characters.
2006/06/01Not that long ago it turned out that Solware has something to put on the table. It was found that the games of Solware were played by the most players on the internet. It was said that the Java platform games were more popular in those times than World of Warcraft or the built-in games of Windows. Now the 3D snooker game of the development studio won the People's Choice Award on Sun Microsystems's Duke's Choice Awards outing.
2006/06/01Let's take a turn towards a lighter theme. The implementation of a traditional hungarian game, Gombfoci (ButtonSoccer) became downloadable from the website of the developers, The Shadow Company.
2006/05/30One of the virtues of Warhammer 40,000: Mark of Chaos is the immense number of units the engine is capable of displaying on the screen at the same time. Maybe this is the reason why BlackHole Entertainemnt decided to share an innumerable amount of images from the game.
2006/05/29The Most Wanted Entertainment, not to make Battlestations: Midway disappear in the dense fog over sea, had published some screens from the game. According to the images the graphics engine of the game changed very little if any at all during the last one year. Units and the scenery looks the same as they did on previous pictures. The value of the images is only to announce the survival of the project having gone through a series of serious problems.
2006/05/29Not to quiet down the battle on the virtual front here is a minor gallery refreshment on the side of War Front: Turning Point. There are four new screens to surprise the curious for Digital Reality's new game.
2006/05/28Who would have thought that the next article on the virtual columns of PC Dome to be released was about Rush for Berlin. Of course for the situation not to be so simple there is another article with a similar feeling about War on Terror. Digital Reality and Stormregion launched a scenic rivalry on the front of popularizing their games.
2006/05/25PC Guru had performed an exclusive game test and about what else if not Rush for Berlin?! The full article in hungarian can be found on the pages of PC Guru.
2006/05/23The E3 images of Rush for Berlin had waited for their turn in the row as well. Now it is time to take a look at them.
2006/05/23A few images came up to the surface from Warhammer 40,000: Mark of Chaos.
2006/05/22The development of Rush for Berlin is approaching to an end. Hence, Stormregion had cut a video trailer very close to the final feeling of the game.
2006/05/22The demo version of Rush for Berlin is available for download.

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