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News about hungarian PC game developers. Infromation about their up-coming developments, released titles and the game support.
2006/07/02Finally the first moving picture presentation of FieldOps, the new game of Digital Reality, arrived. We can welcome a really nice piece of work in it. It seems out of the video that the game will be packed with really detailed animations. Beside the video we can take a look at numerous new images as well that are also meant to present the beauty of the graphics.
2006/07/01GameStar paid a visit to the offices of Most Wanted Entertainemnt and unmercifuly tried the most recent version of Joint Task Force. About the result of the rehearsal you can read on the coloumns of GameStar within the confines of an article filled with images from the game.
2006/07/01PC Dome had put together an evaluation of Digital Reality's new game, War on Terror. The game has just reached the strong mediocre level according to PC Dome. The weakest point of the game is its sounds.
2006/06/29Although the Ageia PhysX physics engine is as doubtful among some as for example the StarForce protection system, more and more developers reach for the hardware supported physics. Now the Most Wanted Entertainment does so and bought the licence for Joint Task Force. We can get an answer if it was a useful step to take, once we check out the short demonstration video.
2006/06/28There has been a Warhammer: Mark of Chaos video published in which the developers will introduce us the game and the interface. On the video we can see a couple of other games from the publisher as well.
2006/06/27PC Dome joins the rest of the game magazines and published an evaluation of Rush for Berlin in which the game got a strong 8,5 grade. The result of the reader's opinion was slightly lower as usual in most cases. But all together Stormregion had made an excellent job with the game.
2006/06/26We can take a look at the development of Joint Task Force. Of course there is no crime movie that could work up the events around former Mithis Games, but it is still worth checking out the video since it rather concentrates on the technical aspects of the development.
2006/06/26The Kharkov battle tank introduces itself from War Front: Turning Point, the new startegy game of Digital Reality.
2006/06/24The Imperium Galactica 2 community is planning the big opening of this season today to which everyone is of course invited. If you feel like joining don't forget to visit their website for further information. The war begins at 18:00, CET, tonight.
2006/06/22The english language version of the game called Pro Libertate, being developed by Huszár Games, will be available from 4, July under the name of For Liberty. Since it will be published mainly overseas therefore the primary campaign will be the american war of independance between 1775-1783 instead of the hungarian Rákóczi war of independance.
Now we can take a look at 13 screenshots from the game.
2006/06/21War Front: Turning Point, the new game from Digital Reality will arrive in september. Now we can take a look at three new images on the Hardwired. Mostly we can examine a new tank.
2006/06/20Blackhole Entertainment alongside with Digic Pictures develops their real-time strategy named Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. Digic Pictures is well noted for their computer animations and special effects since they were the ones creating some shots for the Vajna production, Terminator 3 movie. Now they drew attention by making dazzling animations for Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. Back in time they could have already found the way to our herats with the introduction animation of Armies of Exigo, and now they had entered the intro of Mark of Chaos into Siggraph.
2006/06/20Field Ops, that is developed by Digital Reality, will only be available in 2007.
2006/06/19A Rush for Berlin article from the pen of Fojesz had been uploaded to the pages of Gamekapocs.
2006/06/15Sadly, we did not have to wait long for the first patch that tunes game-play as well for Stormregion's Rush for Berlin.
2006/06/14HCGamer had launched a competition linked to Rush for Berlin. Maybe it is still not too late to participate.
2006/06/14GameStar had compiled a game evaluation of War Front: Turning Point. The overview is made more colorful by some exclusive images from the game.
2006/06/12On the website of GameStar we can read an overview of the revolutionary development of Digital Reality, Field Operations.
2006/06/12We can read an evaluation of Rush for Berlin on HCGamer.
2006/06/12The adventurous can find twelve exclusive images about Rush for Berlin on the site of Gamekapocs.

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