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Here you can find hopefully the complete archive of hungarian PC games. Hungarian developers' cancelled, paused or completed developments concerning the PC world.
576 Media Road to Fame2005simulation
576 Media Army Racer2006simulation
576 Media Captain Zoox and Pingy2003action
576 Media Ballpark 3DX2004puzzle
A.S.K Homework Rail Runnercancelledpuzzle
A.S.K HomeworkRC Carscancelledsimulation
A.S.K Homework Pinball for eGames2005pinball
A.S.K Homework Soldier of The Universe2000pinball
A.S.K Homework Ball Adventures2003pinball
A.S.K Homework Buggy: Make, Ride, Win!comingsimulation
A.S.K Homework Dream Pinball 3D2006pinball
A.S.K Homework Rail Runner 3Dcomingpuzzle
A.S.K Homework Chicken Shoot 2cancelledpuzzle
A.S.K Homework Dream Pinball 3D 2comingpinball
A.S.K Homework Battle vs. Chess2011puzzle
Alpha Tauri Interactive Cease Fire2007verekedős
Alpha Tauri Interactive?cancelled?
Amnesty International Reunion1994strategy
Appaloosa Interactive Ecco The Dolphin2010action-adventure
Atomic Design Lab Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger2009strategy-FPS

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