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From here you can download different game addons such as bonus tracks, applications and modifications or translations and other guides.
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1nsane1nsane - 1nsane - Citadell Island - ScreenshotCitadell IslandThe map of Citadell Island from Little Big Adventure 2 for the off-road game, 1nsane.v.:b2.22004/03/26map
1nsane1nsane - 1nsane - Vasarely - ScreenshotVásárhelyThis is not a map of Vásárhely (a town in Hungary), but rather a map inspired by the style of Victor Vasarely. It is very fun to play off-road race on, it has been optimized for the AI, but the other game modes will gain new perspective as well.v.1.02004/03/26map
1nsane1nsane - 1nsane - Canyon - ScreenshotCanyonThe first map I have ever made for 1nsane shows some errors that beginner map makers do, but otherwise it's a fine map. It is basically narrow corridors, large spaces, high cliffs each with a slope to access it, highlands, wheel-breaking rocks, waterfalls and erosion.v.:1.12004/03/26map
1nsane1nsane - 1nsane - ATV 2 - ScreenshotATV (All Terrain Vehicle)This is the second map I made for the game. It is full of jumps and other interesting things that I'm not gonna spoil right now, so download it and try, it is really fun. The map also contains an extremely large off-road race that was made in a way so that the computer is able to finish it as well, even if only in a long run.v.:b2.02004/03/26map
1nsane1nsane - 1nsane - Horvatország - ScreenshotCroatiaThe croatian track is really nothing more but a slightly modified generated map with a fast and fun off-road track.v.:1.12004/03/24map
1nsane1nsane - 1nsane - Tunézia - ScreenshotTunesiaTunis is similarly to Croatia is a slightly modified pregenerated map with a nicely laid off-road race path. The other game modes are playable as well of course.v.:1.02004/03/24map
1nsane1nsane - 1nsane - Jugoszlávia - ScreenshotYugoslavieYugoslavia is a slightly modified pregenerated map as well, but also with some scenery objects. There is a small village in a pool valley around which a huge race is going on.v.:b2.12004/03/24map
1nsane1nsane - 1nsane - Finnország - ScreenshotFinnlandAnother 1nsane track working with all modes, yet not finished. The setting is Finland, the country of a thousand lakes. The map basically consists of small hills running around lakes of shallow water.v.:1.02004/03/24map
1nsane1nsane - 1nsane - Debrecen - ScreenshotDebrecenDebrecen is a town in Hungary. The map is a modified prerendered map but not slightly modified, rather it has many changes to have narrow passages, high jumps and lot of objects. And there is a well laid out off-road race path waiting for racers.v.:1.02004/03/24map
1nsane1nsane - 1nsane - Dunantúl - ScreenshotTransdanubia (ATV3)This track got the name Dunántúl, that is the western part of Hungary, on the right side of the Danube, not to continue the ATVx naming of maps. It was originally named ATV3 so it is rather an ATV track than a natural geographic creation.v.:1.22004/03/24map
1nsane1nsane - 1nsane - Macedónia - ScreenshotMacedoniaMacedonia is as well a slightly modified prerendered map with nothing extra but a well laid path for off-road race and some beautiful scenery.v.:1.02004/03/24map
1nsane1nsane - 1nsane - Speeder - ScreenshotSpeederThere are so few maps on which great matches can be played with high-speed vehicles. This space was to be filled up with the Speeder track.v.:1.02004/03/26map
1nsane1nsane - 1nsane - Szeged - ScreenshotSzegedSzeged is a town in Hungary, and the map is a real off-road race map where you have got to nail the pedal to the floor but carefully handle the steeringwheel. A bad move and you will find yourself behind the race. There is an invisible tree on the track as well that I will correct later.v.:1.02004/03/23map
1nsane1nsane - 1nsane - Szlovénia - ScreenshotSloveniaSlovenia is a real rollercoaster track with really long and steep slopes. What makes the track so different from others is that the first checkpoint had been placed the opposite way around that I will correct later.v.:1.02004/03/24map
Carmageddon 2Carmageddon 2 - carma2Carmageddon 2 hungarian translationThis compressed file contains the hungarian audio files that I made for the game. For installation consult the guide provided in the archive.v.:1.12004/04/07translation
Civilization 2no image / nincs képThe CarpathiansThis is a map of the Carpathian Basin. Not a fully completed piece of work but one being familiar with the location will find the map familiar too.v.:b1.02000/10/17map
Command and Conquer - Red AlertCommand and Conquer - Red Alert - Red Alert - Kékes - ScreenshotFour sides (Kékes)This map got the name, Kékes, the highest point of Hungary as it is a map full of cliffs and snow providing an exciting game for four players.v.:b1.02002/09/05map
Command and Conquer - Red AlertCommand and Conquer - Red Alert - Red Alert - Kékes - ScreenshotKékesThis map is the same as the previous map except for that it does not yet contain the money fields and starting locations, so you can edit them in the mapeditor.v.:1.02002/09/06map
Command and Conquer - Red AlertCommand and Conquer - Red Alert - Red Alert - Párbaj - ScreenshotDuelThis is a duel moneyfield map. Two players start on opposite sides of map and there is practically an infinate amount of money spread out on the map.v.:1.02002/09/06map
Dream Pinball 3DDream Pinball 3D - ManualTablesHungarian description of game tables.v.:1.12007/03/13translation

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